Dry Eye Therapy Honolulu

Dry eyes is a chronic condition that affects many in their daily lives, including when driving, watching TV or working on the computer.

Symptoms may include redness, gritty feeling, dryness, itching, blurry vision, light sensitivity or excessive tearing. Excessive tearing is a compensatory response to the dryness.

Lacking a protective layer of water or oil in their tears, dry eye sufferers may try to compensate through excessive use of eye drops, which may only make the situation worse! Other causes may include age, hormones, use of antihistamines and more.

Dr. Tantisira carefully listens to each patient’s individual symptoms, then does a thorough evaluation, including any testing necessary, to evaluate her patient’s for dry eyes in her Honolulu office. Together with the patient, she designs a treatment plan that will be most suited for that particular patient.


There are two standard treatments for dry eyes after patients have tried artificial tears:

  1. Restasis, a prescription drop that helps the eye produce more of its own tears.
  2. Punctal/canalicular plugs. These partially block the eye’s drainage system. This allows the eye to hold onto its own tears and supplemental artificial tears longer.

To use an analogy, it’s like trying to partially fill a dry empty sink. You can either turn up the water flow higher (Restasis) or partially close the drain (plugs).

Occasionally, for very dry eyes, both treatments are necessary.

Associated Diseases

Sometimes patients have associated diseases that cause tear film instability. This may include meibomian gland dysfunction where the eyes’ oil glands become clogged. The oil backs up in the eyelids; they get inflamed and cause burning of the eyes. Lack of oil in the tear film allows the tears to dry faster; this also causes burning and dryness.

Patients are treated with warm compresses to melt the oil, doxycycline to change the composition of the oil, and Azasite drops which is both anti-inflammatory and changes the composition of the oils.