Double chins can be a self-esteem breaker with people going out of their way to avoid looking into a mirror. But a double chin isn’t always the fault of obesity or lifestyle. There are certain hormonal and genetic factors at play that can lead to a double chin too.

The extra layer of fat under the chin can detract from your otherwise good looks. An intense invasive treatment isn’t necessary to address this problem. Kybella is a straight-forward solution that works reliably to fix double chin problems with ease.

Simply Inject Yourself a New Jawline

Kybella is a simple non-invasive treatment that makes use of deoxycholic acid injections to sweep away the fat cells in your chin and reveal your stunning new jawline for the world to see.

This is an incision-less, non-surgical treatment that works the fat beneath the chin to permanently erase them. What more could you ask for?

Kybella treatments take barely 15 minutes to complete. They are available for anyone at least 18 years or older to enjoy the smooth, sleek jawline that hides under most double chins.

This chemical is a naturally occurring bile acid that is used to absorb fat. It can be harnessed to destroy fat cells from the chin area. On top of this, multiple sessions only improve your results.

If you want to wake up with a smoother, sleeker jawline tomorrow, consider consulting your doctor to see if Kybella injections are viable for you.