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Patient Testimonial

I had a droopy eyelid that would also close involuntarily when reading in bed. Dr. Tantisira corrected the problems with a blepharoplasty surgery.

My friends and family compliment me on the wonderful results. Thank you, Dr. T!

By Arlene Kawamura
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Are you Asian with single eyelids? Do you feel that you would look more attractive with double eyelids? Have you looked into double eyelid surgery, only to hesitate due to the cost and downtime?

We have a great solution for you here at True Vision Center! Dr. Melanie Tantisira is the only surgeon in Honolulu to offer double eyelid surgery with no incision. It is a quicker and simpler surgery, so she can offer it at a lower price. You don’t have to worry about a permanent ugly scar along the incision line. Healing is much faster. And the results are more natural. Don’t wait! Call 808-591-9111 today for your free consultation!!

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