Restylane Honolulu

Dr. Tantisira has been treating patients in Honolulu for a very long time. Restylane is one of the most popular treatments and is a filler that smooths our skin in a gentle natural way. It is used to reduce fine to medium lines and to add volume in areas associated with youth and vitality. Restylane is a clear gel consisting of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of our skin, so it is safe to use without allergy testing.

There are 6 versions of Restylane on the U.S. market in July 2016. Each of the 3 following types of Restylane are available with or without lidocaine, an anesthetic, or numbing agent:

  • “Regular” Restylane
      • the most widely used and the most versatile
      • fill in “smile lines” (from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth) and marionette folds (under the corners of the mouth), which otherwise make us look old
      • add volume and shape to the body of the lips, and definition to the lip border, so that the lip is fuller and better defined, as it is in the young
      • fill in lower eyelid dark circles, so we look less tired
      • conceal lower eyelid bags, so we look younger

  • Restylane Lyft
      • a bigger molecule, so is a firmer gel
      • better at lifting and holding tissue
      • fill in deeper smile lines and marionette folds
      • lift sagging cheekbones and plump up the “apples” of our cheeks, often lost with aging. This often helps restore symmetry to our face which tends to get “bottom heavy” as we age, by adding more volume to the center of our faces and by “lifting” tissue up with the firm volumizing filler
      • when used very carefully, add long acting volume to very thin lips
      • add volume to temples and brow bones when tissue loss and/or sagging of the brows has set in to fill in the hollowness and brow descent of aging.
  • Restylane Silk
      • a smaller, smoother molecule, so is a thinner gel
      • great for very fine lines and treatment just under the skin.
      • outline the border of the lips for definition and lift.
      • trace the fine vertical lines above and below the lips
      • add volume to lips
      • fill in residual crow’s feet (after the muscles forming them have been relaxed
      • fill in small scars
      • may also be used as an alternative to fill in lower eyelid dark circles

What can Restylane do for you? Everyone’s face is different! Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Tantisira to find out! Dr. Tantisira has many years of experience in Honolulu injecting fillers and is an expert in the anatomy of the face. She is a trained microsurgeon, having spent many years doing surgery inside the eye, so she is extremely precise in her technique and gentle in her touch. Most of her patients comment on how comfortable her treatments are compared with other practitioners. She is also a sculptor in her spare time and can artistically visualize how your treatments will appear. She is the absolute best in Honolulu to get your Restylane treatment! Call True Vision Center for your treatment today!! !