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I had a droopy eyelid that would also close involuntarily when reading in bed. Dr. Tantisira corrected the problems with blepharoplasty surgery.

My friends and family compliment me on the wonderful results. Thank you, Dr. T!

By Arlene Kawamura
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No Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Results HonoluluBefore Surgery
No Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Results HonoluluOne Week After Surgery
No Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Results HonoluluBefore Surgery
No Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Results HonoluluOne Month After Surgery

If you have thought of double eyelid surgery only to hesitate due to the cost, downtime, and risk, we have an excellent solution for you at True Vision Center in Honolulu. Dr. Melanie Tantisira, an experienced surgeon in Hawaii, offers double eyelid surgery with no incision. That’s right! No cutting is involved. Without an incision line, you don’t have to worry about an ugly scar. Healing is fast, with most patients back at work within a few days and back to full activity within seven to 10 days.

Risks are much lower without cutting the skin. And the results are very natural. This surgery is perfect for younger patients with no excess skin or fat, resulting in either a mono lid with no natural fold or small folds. It is a quicker and simpler surgery that is much less expensive. Don’t wait! Call (808) 591-9111 today for your free consultation!!

No Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Results HonoluluBefore Surgery
No Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Results HonoluluOne Week After Surgery


Benefits of No-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

Choosing no-incision double eyelid surgery at True Vision Center Hawaii offers numerous benefits, making it an appealing option if you are looking for an enhanced appearance with minimal intervention. These include the following:

  • Reduced recovery time: This allows patients to quickly resume their daily activities with little interruption.
  • Minimal discomfort: Since the procedure does not involve cutting or stitches, patients experience less discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • No scarring: The absence of incisions means there is no risk of permanent scarring, making this a perfect option if you are concerned about the cosmetic outcomes of traditional surgery.
  • Immediate and natural results: No-incision double eyelid surgery results are immediate and continue to improve as any minimal swelling subsides. The changes are subtle yet effective, enhancing the natural structure of the eyelid without an overdone look.
  • Increased safety: With fewer risks than traditional surgical methods, this procedure avoids the complications associated with incisions and general anesthesia.
  • Personalized outcomes: Dr. Tantisira personalizes the procedure to match your unique facial features and provide results that complement the overall facial aesthetics.

Procedure Overview

No-incision double eyelid surgery at our Honolulu clinic involves a detailed and precise approach. Dr. Tantisira uses a suture technique that modifies the eyelid structure without cutting the skin. The procedure is typically completed within an hour.

Immediate improvements are visible, and the risks associated with traditional eyelid surgeries are significantly reduced because there are no incisions.

Ideal Candidates for No-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

The ideal candidates for no-incision double eyelid surgery are individuals who:

  • Seek an improvement in their eyelid appearance without undergoing extensive surgery.
  • Have excess skin or fat that does not require removal.
  • Are looking for a quick cosmetic enhancement with durable results.
  • Have good skin elasticity and overall eye health.

Preparation and Consultation

Proper preparation is important to optimize outcomes from your no-incision double eyelid surgery. Here are examples of what you can expect during the preparation and consultation phase if you come to us for a double eyelid surgery in Hawaii:

  1. Initial consultation – Dr. Tantisira will evaluate your eyelid structure, discuss your goals, and explain the procedure details. This step is vital for personalizing the approach to suit your specific needs.
  2. Medical review – A thorough review of your medical history will be performed to ensure no conditions might affect the surgery’s success.
  3. Pre-procedure guidance – You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. It includes guidelines on eating, drinking, and medication adjustments.
  4. Setting expectations – We will help you set realistic expectations during your consultation. For instance, while the outcome of no-incision double eyelid surgery typically includes a well-defined eyelid crease, it does not address issues like excess skin or significant puffiness.
  5. Procedure Planning – You will book the procedure at a time that fits your schedule, with all necessary post-procedure care advice provided to keep a smooth recovery.

No-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Cost

The overall cost of No-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery is lower than that of conventional eyelid surgery with an incision. This procedure makes a great present for a special occasion for a young relative in your life. (Think high school or college graduation or Christmas.)

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule your free consultation for No-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery in Honolulu – contact Dr. Tantisira and set up your appointment. During your consultation, you can ask questions and bring up any concerns about the procedure. Although any eyelid shape can be chosen, Dr. Tantisira encourages most patients to choose a natural Asian look with a larger double eyelid shape. Find out more! Call (808)591-9111. Contact us today to get the look you’ve always wanted!


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