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Five Stars! Best doctor around. great with eye exams!!!! also with kybella she is amazing. numbs you first. feel nothing and comes out perfect every time. bruising very minimal

– Sarah H, Hawaii

Five Stars! A few weeks ago, I had my first experience with fillers. The circles under my eyes have been the bane of my existence, they were bad even when I was a kid who got enough sleep on a daily basis… fast forward to my mid-thirties and they had become way worse with age and many nights of sleep deficit. I’ve been researching under eye fillers for a while now, but I was too afraid to go for it because the eye is a very delicate area. Finally, I decided to call Dr Melanie at True Vision after doing some googling and yelping to schedule a consultation to find out more.

First of all, her support staff are very kind and professional from the initial phone call. At the beginning of the consult, the assistant brought me back to take a few photos and talk a little bit about what I was looking to do. I can’t remember her name, but she was a nice girl from Texas.

Secondly, Dr Melanie came in and I was very pleased with her demeanor and bedside manner. She really put me at ease, and explained things very thoroughly. She gave me the impression that she was in no hurry to see other patients, and that really impressed me.

After talking it over with her, I decided to go ahead and do a syringe of Restylane under the eyes. She numbed me, and she put a lot of care and time into injecting the filler. I hardly felt it at all! I could see results immediately, though it became quite swollen shortly after that. But no bruising!
Overall I am happy with the improvement in the depth of my eye circles, though I think next time I’d probably get another half syringe so I can get full correction. And there is a slightly raised line under my right eye that hasn’t gone away yet. They’ve pushed it down in a follow up appointment, but it showed back up (though a little less) a few hours later. Hopefully with time and patience it will resolve. But I would definitely recommend doing your facial fillers here!

– Jeanie Y, Honolulu, Hawaii

Five Stars! I have been seeing Dr. Tantisira for several years now. Initially I went to see her for the fractional CO2 laser. Not even fully understanding it’s true benefits. Of course I was so happy with the way I “looked”. I looked so much younger! Then I went in for some Botox and fillers. Again I was thrilled with my results. A couple years have gone by and 50 is around the corner. Reality is setting in. I was diagnosed with basal cell skin cancer. And I have severe dry eye. She is an amazing eye doctor along with her other talents of skin care. I ended up needing my tear ducts cauterized. She performed this procedure and my quality of life has changed.

Come to find out the laser that I had done previously made a complete difference in the prevention of the basal cell on my face. I never even knew this could be helpful. I’m getting ready to have this procedure done again. Many talents and prevention’s are happening in this office. I wish I could spread the word to more people. I love the fact that I can look young and beautiful and help prevent things that can make me sick down the road. For more information please contact the staff. This office is so helpful and the staff is so incredible and amazing. I will definitely continue to go here for years to come.

– Susan B, Waimea, Hawaii

I had a droopy eyelid that would also close involuntarily when reading in bed. Dr. Tantisira corrected the problems with a blepharoplasty surgery. My friends and family compliment me on the wonderful results. Thank you, Dr. T!

– Arlene Kawamura

I went and saw Dr. Melanie Tantisira for Botox. I was nervous about receiving Botox, because the Doctor from my previous treatment had caused my eyebrows to drop.
Dr. Melanie Tantisira was absolutely phenomenal ! She advised me on how she would avoid a “Botox droop” and proceeded to give me the most gentle injections I have ever had; I literally could not feel her inject . A week later my eyebrows/eyes are lifted! and my forehead is smooth! THE BEST BOTOX EXPERENCE EVER!!!

– D B., Minnetonka, MN

My most recent visit, on 3/13/2012, was just a good as my last visit in 2008, or even better. Dr. Tantisira is a pleasant physician, who I would recommend anyone to see.

– Yelp Fan

  • Type of treatment: ACCENT XL
  • Describe how you like the result: Excellent! Great natural option to fillers. I highly recommend this procedure for face, body shaping and contouring. I am happy with the results.
  • Will you consider more treatments in the future: YES
  • How was your overall experience with us? Excellent

– Joy M, Honolulu HI

“Since having Restylane and Dysport, people have commented how different and young I look. They do not know why I look different but the difference shows. Dr. Melanie Tantisira is caring and passionate about what she does.”

– Sharon

  • Type of treatment: BOTOX AND FILLER
  • Describe how you like the result: The results are amazing and pain free, what a great alternative to surgery.
  • Will you consider more treatments in the future: YES
  • How was your overall experience with us? Excellent

– Pat S, Honolulu HI

  • Type of treatment: Accent / Madonna Lift/ Matrix laser Full face
  • Describe how you like the result: I am exceptionally thrilled with the results, Dr. Tantisira and her staff were extremely professional, thoughtful and kind. I would highly recommend them for exceptional results.
  • Will you consider more treatments in the future: YES
  • How was your overall experience with us? Excellent

– Mary B, Honolulu HI

“I was really afraid of injecting Botox again because the injections hurt so much with my last doctor. But Dr. Melanie Tantisira asked me if I would consider trying it one more time, using her powerful anesthetic cream and tiny needles because Botox was really the best solution to the problem I wanted to fix. I am very happy that I agreed. I didn’t feel a thing! Dr. Melanie Tantisira was very gentle. The Botox injections were completely painless.”

– Lois-Ann

  • Type of treatment: Accent XL
  • Describe how you like the result: It has totally reshaped my thighs, buttocks. As a professional Female body builder, it is important to look perfect. Regardless of how hard I exercise my thighs and buttocks are the hardest areas to stay fit. I injured my back this year. Accent treatment has helped me tremendously.
  • Will you consider more treatments in the future: YES
  • How was your overall experience with us? Excellent

– Aille E.

  • Type of treatment: Madonna Lift / Restylane Filler
  • Describe how you like the result: Having hollow eye lids makes a person look older. Dr. Tantisira made my eyes look younger again. I liked it.
  • Will you consider more treatments in the future: YES
  • How was your overall experience with us? Excellent

– Stacey Hon, HI

  • Type of treatment: Madonna
  • Describe how you like the result: I am amazed how youthful my skin has become. Thank you Dr. Tantisira.
  • Will you consider more treatments in the future: YES
  • How was your overall experience with us? Excellent

– Mary Hon, HI

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