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I am exceptionally thrilled with the results, Dr. Tantisira and her staff were extremely professional, thoughtful and kind. I would highly recommend them for exceptional results.

By Mary B, Honolulu HI
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Often our patients complain about the dark circles under their eyes, caused by either hollowing of tissue, or by bags of fat released with aging. These dark circles make people look tired, even when they’re not! Dark circles can be concealed by injecting filler, made of hyaluronic acid, that instantaneously hides the hollows or bags under the eyes. Usually painless and long lasting, this treatment is an excellent adjunct to the Madonna Lift tightening of eyelid skin. It is also a great standalone treatment if there is no skin laxity. As an ophthalmologist and cosmetic specialist, Dr. Tantisira is uniquely qualified in Honolulu to do this precision technique around the eyes.


This procedure is done very safely using a blunt cannula, which is a hollow tube with a hole on the end, through which the filler flows and fills up the hollows of the eyelid. After using a powerful numbing cream and additional local anesthetic, the procedure is virtually painless. A tiny hole is made in the center of an area below the lower eyelid after complete anesthesia is ensured. Then the cannula is passed through this hole and gently pushed wherever the filler is needed to resolve the hollows. Results are instantaneous! You can see your improved appearance immediately after the procedure. Bruising is rare, although some degree of swelling sometimes occurs. Undereye filler generally lasts at least one year and often much longer, depending on your metabolism.

Watch Dr. Tantisira do an undereye filler procedure on You Tube:


  • Dark Circle Treatment Before & After
    Dark Circle Treatment Before & After
  • Dark Circle Treatment Before & After
    Dark Circle Treatment Before & After
  • Dark Circle Treatment Before & After
    Dark Circle Treatment Before & After

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Dr. Tantisira has over 30 years’ experience with delicate surgery and Botox injections. She now features a wide assortment of cosmetic procedures in her Honolulu office. Contact Dr. Tantisira to see how she can help you achieve your desired appearance.

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