Sculptra Butt Lift Honolulu

Do you want a rounder higher fuller butt? Want to avoid the risks and down time of surgery? Then consider the Sculptra Butt Lift!! This non-surgical method of lifting and plumping your bootie is the very best at giving you the youthful bottom you always wanted, without doing long gym workouts, or the painful risky surgery of a traditional butt lift. If combined with the SculpSure technique to slim your waist from our partners at RefreshRx, at a special package discount, you get the look of a full Brazilian Butt Lift without all the risk or down time!!

Sculptra stimulates growth of your own collagen. It is placed through a single entry site with a blunt cannula wherever you need the most volume and lift. No worries about rejection or allergy to an implant.

There’s no need for liposuction with all of its associated risks. If you don’t have fat to harvest, you can still have a beautiful bootie!

The procedure is simple and easy. No fasting before the procedure and no activity restrictions after!

Before & After Photos

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